Reelviews #1: The Caine Mutiny

Possibly the first in a continuing series.

Mae Wynn

The protagonist of "The Caine Mutiny"

1954’s “The Caine Mutiny” (directed by Edward Dmytryk) tells the story of aging nightclub “singer” May Wynn’s (May Wynn, nee Donna Lee Hickey) attempts to secure a marriage to a young, handsome, but somewhat dim scion of a prominent family. Her plans are consistently frustrated by the fecklessness and weakness of her chosen target, Ens. Willie Keith (Robert Francis). Trouble begins almost immediately, when Keith’s commander is able to maneuver him into turning down a beneficial promotion (arranged by his father) to the Admiral’s staff, and grows worse when he is unable to confront his family’s disapproval of Mae. Finally, he finds himself a pawn in a mutinous plot launched by one of his fellow officers, which threatens to destroy Mae’s last chance at escaping her disreputable past.

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