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Quickie – Neuromancer

I’ve been working on a longer, reverse-engineering piece about Neuromancer, but couldn’t get it finished in time to post this week. In it’s place, a simple javascript implementation of the game’s code wheel.

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Memory Dumps from DOS DEBUG

As I’ve mentioned before, I like to use the DOS DEBUG command to investigate older 16-bit programs. Today, I present a brief guide to using that tool to take snapshots of running programs.

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Installing Django on EC2 & EBS

This is a quick guide to setting up an Amazon EC2 instance as a Django server. There are many other guides along these lines, but this one includes a “turn-key” script to get everything up and running, as well as … Continue reading

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Scripting Windows

If you want to write scripts for Windows, you have some unattractive options. You can use the DOS batch-file scripting language, but that’s a little on the primitive side. You can learn PowerShell (Monad), a typically overwrought, idiosyncratic MSFT affair. … Continue reading

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