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Of Frogs and Boiling

I was just looking over some old records, and discovered something that, at the time, escaped my attention. Between early 2002 and mid-2007, my cable company (AT&T) raised my rates for the same service by about $35/mo, or nearly 50%. … Continue reading

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Better the rule of law than the rule of men. But better the rule of men than the rule of lawyers.

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Want a Job?

I can’t recall if I mentioned it or not, but I spent a good bit of time looking for work when I was in Colombia … not there, but here. Between the Internet and Skype you can do 80% of … Continue reading

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So, Britain’s GCHQ (the UK’s equivalent of the NSA) has put up a programming contest to attract coders. (The punchline is that the gig only pays $39,000, so good luck with that, chaps.) There are several parts, and the only … Continue reading

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