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I was reading a piece about H. P. Lovecraft the other day, which revealed him to be another one of these impoverished-in-life-popular-in-death types. It seems to me that this sort of fellow pops up a lot: In addition to Lovecraft, … Continue reading

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Spider Rescue

I like spiders. Unfortunately, sometimes they get trapped in sinks or bathtubs from which they cannot escape. Today, a simple tip for performing spider rescue.

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Quickie: Core Data “Scratchpads”

The Cocoa Core Data documentation makes frequent reference to the fact that Managed Object Contexts (MOCs) are “scratchpads“, in which objects can be moved around willy-nilly without affecting the permanent store. This is all well and good, but it leaves … Continue reading

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Okay, so Seth Godin’s Squidoo is launching a new venture: Brands in Public. There’s a bunch of interesting stuff in Seth’s announcement. It contains some masterful spin, a brazen proposition, and some nice o plata o plomo persuasion. Seth’s a … Continue reading

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Today I just want to take care of a little administrivia. I’ve piled up a fair number of posts related to Shiny Red Buttons, but they’re scattered a little randomly throughout the blog. Therefore, I pulled together a page devoted … Continue reading

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Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Not a Fan

I saw the Mayweather/Marquez fight last night. (It was, as everyone else reports, a major mismatch; I couldn’t give Marquez a single round.) Watching it, I was struck by two things: First, Floyd Mayweather is an undeniably talented boxer, and … Continue reading

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SMS Bubbles

Talking with Benoit Cerrina (of ShinKanji) about a related issue, I started to wonder how you could render “bubble” text, as for instance in the SMS application. It turns out to be pretty easy; all you need is a little … Continue reading

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Fitted Labels

A recent problem required me to find bounding boxes for text on the iPhone. While this problem is neither typical nor particularly hard, I did spend some time digging though the documentation until I found an approach that I was … Continue reading

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Not Indicative

“Past Performance Is Not Indicative of Future Results.” This little piece of boilerplate, or some variation on it, will be familiar to anyone who’s ever heard a pitch for an investment or a mutual fund. What I think it worth … Continue reading

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Let Me Please Introduce Myself

Several people have been nice enough to link to items from this blog, and, in so doing, have brought it to my attention that it’s a little hard to figure out who, exactly, I am. Let me address that now.

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