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Debits and Credits

Accounting can be a little counterintuitive. It’s important that the accounts sum to zero, but the question of how credits and debits are assigned to a transaction can be a little obscure. For instance, if you’re purchasing a long-term asset, … Continue reading

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Six Word Stories: Squirrels

**Boom!** “Success! Twenty mines, twenty squirrels!”

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Hooking UIWebView

UIWebViews are an easy way to embed a web browser into your application. You can also use them to perform (what I think is) a neat trick by assigning a UIWebView instance a delegate which implements webView:shouldStartLoadWithRequest:navigationType:.

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Some random thoughts on Twitter.

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Encryption Export

When you submit an app to AAPL’s iTunes App Store, you’re asked: Export laws require that products containing encryption be properly authorized for export. Failure to comply could result in severe penalties. … Does your product contain encryption? Ever wonder … Continue reading

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There are a lot of blogs out there, and most of them die young. That doesn’t mean they’re not entertaining. For instance, here’s a blog that seems to have only gotten a single post, but it’s an interesting one: an … Continue reading

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I Habd A Code

I’m a bit under the weather, so all I’ve got today is a quick set of useful co-ordinates. They are: (47, 159).

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Way Out of Hand

There’s a great little speech in the (flawed, but not without its charms) movie “Last Man Standing“; the part I’m interested in today goes like this: Two gangs is just one too many. I’m not an idealist. I know a … Continue reading

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Full Bar

According to a flyer stuck in my door, my neighborhood Togo’s sandwich place has a “full bar”. Not a salad bar, a booze bar. Despite what the rather idiosyncratic spelling of the flyer might lead you to believe, this is … Continue reading

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New App: iKnowPeople

Friends, Romans, Countrymen: I have an announcement! I have a new app available in the iTunes app store: iKnowPeople. The first version of this app is narrowly tailored to keeping you on your toes with regard to people you’ve met … Continue reading

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