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One of the darkly amusing features of the modern American bureaucracy is the way that it uselessly and reflexively reacts to freak occurrences. I saw my favorite example of this just after 9/11: Someone inside the commercial real-estate company that … Continue reading

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Definition Theatre (2)

life (noun) 1: A series of minor annoyances separating major problems that lead to the crisis that kills you.

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Hidden Strength

I spent a lot of time interviewing in May, and as a result I saw the inside of a lot of companies. Specifically, I saw what sorts of computers the programmers had on their desks. Macs. Macs, Macs, Macs. Sure, … Continue reading

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FOTY 1981: Leonard / Hearns

This is an entry in an occasional series of posts looking back at the Ring Magazine Fights of the Year from 1970 to 2009. In 1981, Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns fought for the unified (WBC & WBA) Welterweight … Continue reading

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