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Musings on client-side web code: (X)HTML/CSS/JavaScript

CANVAS Gotcha (Precision)

Been playing around with the <CANVAS> tag. Overall, it works pretty well. However, there was this little bit o’ joy: The transforms are all based on 32-bit floats. (See the WebKit code, e.g. translate, transform, &c.) Since 32-bit floats only … Continue reading

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A reader writes: Can you add option to print in larger print? I print puzzles, and need larger squares for possible choices, mostly 8’s and 9’s. As it turns out, this was pretty easy to do. If you visit my … Continue reading

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NSURL, Trailing Slashes, and OAuth

Here’s a surprisingly important note from the documentation for the NSURL class’ path method: Return Value The path of the URL, unescaped with the stringByReplacingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding: method. If the receiver does not conform to RFC 1808, returns nil. If this URL … Continue reading

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Django Project Layout

As a sort-of-followup to my brief remarks of last week, today I’m going to say a few words about how I lay out my Django projects, and how I configure the Apache server to present them. There’s nothing too surprising … Continue reading

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IE6 Hacks

Internet Explorer 6 is (finally) disappearing. This is a good thing. Whether you can consider it dead at this point is a question for the individual web developer. When I was putting together a page for Fightcard I decided to … Continue reading

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Twitter, OAuth, and Custom URL Schemes

If you want to access the Twitter API from your iPhone app, you’re going to have to use OAuth. (Twitter is turning off Basic Authentication support at the end of June.) To use OAuth, you need to follow these basic … Continue reading

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Today I’d like to present a little Python script that extrapolates Webalizer reports. Webalizer is a “fast, free web server log file analysis program” that my webhost uses to produce HTML traffic reports. These reports include month-by-month totals for the … Continue reading

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Last week, a reader wrote in with this question: [Y]ou’ve got all this great code, but you haven’t declared a license. Is it public domain, or BSD? This is, as they say, a fair question. I address it today.

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Labor Day

Since it’s Labor Day in the U.S. today, and since I just did an upgrade of WP to 2.8.4 (please do write if you see anything wonky) I though I’d do something short: A quick check on bandwidth pricing, which … Continue reading

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When I implemented my web-based port of Taipan!, I added one minor feature: I let the user save (and load) a game to (or from) a single savegame ‘slot’. It can take a few hours to work your score up … Continue reading

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