Bloxorz (or, as I keep trying to spell it, 'Bloxors') is a nice little puzzle game. It seemed to lend itself well to a mechanical solution, and a number of people reported being stuck, so I tinkered together this solver for Bloxorz puzzles.

Functionality is limited in several important respects:

If you can live with those caveats, select a level from the Quickload menu (or use the palette in the edit view to lay out a level) and let the solver show you the path. Happy bloxoring, and feel free to contact me with any suggestions, bugs, or (always appreciated) compliments.

(Tested on IE 6.0.2800.1106, Mozilla 1.7.2, and FF

Create a Soft Plate
Create a Hard Plate
Create a Splitter
Create a Normal Cell
Create a Weak Cell
Create Destination Cell
Create an Empty Cell
Mark/clear occupied flag
Mark/clear forbidden flag

(Plates and splitters only)

Mark/clear goal flag

If you'd like to read about some of the theory behind this solver, you might be interested in these posts from my blog: