Labor Day

Since it’s Labor Day in the U.S. today, and since I just did an upgrade of WP to 2.8.4 (please do write if you see anything wonky) I though I’d do something short: A quick check on bandwidth pricing, which we last updated back in March. Not much has changed, although it looks like there’s a good deal to be had on unmetered bandwidth.

Little Change

Once again, I compared hosting plans from Slicehost and Hurricane Electric with a dedicated, unmetered 100Mbps line offered by Staminus Communications. There were only two major changes this time:

  • As predicted, HE changed their top-line offering to correct the negative economies of scale offered by their more expensive plans. Unexpectedly, however, they did this by dropping the “Enterprise” (10 TB/mo) offering altogether, and leaving the others unchanged.
  • Staminus dropped their unmetered 100Mbps pricing from $399/mo to $359/mo. Right now they’re running a special at $169/mo, which is a steal – for comparison, it’s about 10x the BW of HE’s “Professional” offering, at only 3x the price.

Amazon Web Services still offers lousy pricing, somewhere between 5x and 20x more expensive than other options on a $/GB basis. Of course, with AWS you pay only for what you use, but, at some point, how much you’re paying for it has to become a factor.

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