Let Me Please Introduce Myself

Several people have been nice enough to link to items from this blog, and, in so doing, have brought it to my attention that it’s a little hard to figure out who, exactly, I am. Let me address that now.


My name is Michael Heyeck. I am this guy and this guy, but not this guy, who I’m sure is a real swell guy, just not me. I am, so far as I know, the only Michael X. Heyeck afoot in the world today. (Full middle name: Xavier.)


I was born and raised on the San Francisco peninsula. My high school was Menlo School in Atherton, CA, and I’m an alumnus of U.C. Berkeley (Letters and Science).


I like cars, code, and guns, but am really only qualified to write about one of those topics. I also take an interest in people, who do, after all, make the world go ’round.

Professional History

I’ve worked at three companies:

  • 3DO/Cyclone Studios (video games)
  • Eidos/Crystal Dynamics (video games)
  • APX (Energy & Environmental)

and done two startups

  • Itavera, Inc.
  • Fair Oaks Labs, Inc.

FOLI is the focus of my current efforts.

I’ve worked in a variety of technologies, from Assembly to Python to VBScript (the horror) to SQL to C++. Right now, I’m deep into Objective-C and Cocoa on the iPhone.

Why Now?

I didn’t post any of this stuff when I started blogging, because, basically, I’m lazy. I figured it made more sense to see how blogging went before I posted any autobiographical information. Since this now seems like something I’m going to be doing for a while, and since some people seem to have been inconvenienced by my pseudo-anonymity, I’ve decided that now is as good a time as any to introduce myself.

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