Reelviews #13: The Matrix

Agent Smith

'Well Jones, that's the last of that clown!'

1999’s “The Matrix” (dir. The Wachowski Brothers) tells a fanciful story — presumably inspired by Tron — from the perspective of software processes. The two protagonists, Agents Brown and Jones, are charged with protecting their host system from damage caused by intruders, but are constantly frustrated by their incompetent and unhinged boss, Agent Smith. Eventually, they hatch a plan to trick one of the intruders into solving their problem for them, which succeeds with spectacular and satisfying results. An excellent companion to “Office Space”.

(This film received two sequels, that were seen when released as irredeemably awful. With the fullness of time, and the perspective of the 3 Star Wars prequels, they can now be seen as merely terrible.)

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