Alfonso Cano is Dead

The FARCs top dog just got killed. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


The funniest thing about this story is the following comment from the link:

Five Decades and the fighting’s still on? With all the killings and maimings and bombings on all sides aside, can’t someone or group or neutrals come up with some form of negotiated settlement and permanent solution to this “cancer” in the innards of Colombia?

You gotta love fools like this. The solution is victory, and today it is one step closer.


Incidentally, it is my view that in 50 years Colombia will be the preeminent country in Latin America. “What about Brazil?” you ask. Well, in Brazil they elect leftist guerrillas, and in Colombia … well, they deal with them differently. This difference will tell over time.

In that connection, I’d like to mention in passing how delighted I was to see the Colombian FTA finally signed. Long overdue.

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