Blog Fail

I find that some new projects are monopolizing my time, and, as a result, this blog cannot receive the attention it is due. I’m therefore putting it on pseudo-hiatus, in which state it will be updated “when I feel like it”. I encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feed, by which such updates as there are will make their way to you. Thanks for reading.

Here’s a little content for you:

Little Things

Life’s little pleasures and satisfactions should not be overlooked. Today I was stuck in a small traffic jam on the freeway: one of those bizarre situations in which your lane is stopped, but the others are moving at 20-25 MPH. The sun was out, and the top was down, so it wasn’t particularly comfortable to sit stopped on the highway.

Fortunately, I had come to a stop directly under an overpass, and passed the time in cool shadow. That was sort of nice.

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