Change of Direction

I’m going to be changing the blog rules a little bit:

  • I’m going to be posting less. I’ve done over two years of daily posts, and I’ve built up enough content that I feel I can slow down a little.
  • In line with my musings on Connections, I’m going to make the technical stuff broader and shallower; I’m going to focus on introducing and glossing bits of tech that may not have immediately obvious application to what I am (or you are) doing.

Therefore, here’s the new schedule:

  • FOTY Sundays will continue, at least for the next 30 weeks or so.
  • 6WS Tuesdays will continue.
  • Technical Fridays will continue, but will become broader and shallower. Original content is no longer guaranteed; you might just get a bunch of links and quoted commentary on a particular topic.
  • On the other 4 days of the week, I may or may not publish, as the fancy strikes me.

BTW: If there’s something you’d like me to cover on a Technical Friday, feel free to write.

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