Editorial Note: In April, I took a month off in Medellin. For me, this meant an interesting and diverting month. For you, this means 30 days of posts about my vacation. I’ll try to make them somewhat amusing.

I eventually returned home without mishap, although it was a close run thing: As the plane pushed back from the gate at MIA, it’s APU died. I felt sure that I would be stuck in Miami for hours, if not overnight, but I was in luck: The plane rolled back to the gate, the APU was restarted, and takeoff went as scheduled.

Further drama ensued as the plane’s drinking water supply failed in mid-flight. There was loose talk of stopping at DFW, where we might have been delayed for hours, but the pilot happily elected to ignore the problem and continue on to SFO. By the time we landed (a few minutes early) I was happy to have drawn that pilot, and not the sort of scaredy-cat who will land the plane just because it isn’t working quite right.

Now that I’ve returned, I can tell you that I miss Colombia already. I’m going back for the 2012 Feria de las Flores. In the meantime, I’m going to work on my Spanish.

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