Editorial Note: In April, I took a month off in Medellin. For me, this meant an interesting and diverting month. For you, this means 30 days of posts about my vacation. I’ll try to make them somewhat amusing.

One of Medellin’s little oddities (shared with Colombia as a whole) is the prevalence of casinos in ordinary commercial districts: I recall seeing 3 or 4 along the Avenida El Poblado alone. These aren’t Las Vegas (or Indian gaming) -style monstrosities, or even mega-cardrooms; they seem to be more modest, storefront operations.

Now, this item is a little weak because I didn’t actually condescend to enter any of these establishments (I didn’t feel like gambling, and had forgotten some basic strategy corner cases at any rate), but they’re definitely there. Next time I visit, I’ll return with a report on their blackjack rules.

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