Steak Station

Editorial Note: In April, I took a month off in Medellin. For me, this meant an interesting and diverting month. For you, this means 30 days of posts about my vacation. I’ll try to make them somewhat amusing.

In Colombia, I had the best food court meal of my life. That may sound like damning with faint praise, but it’s not.

On the 5th(?) floor of the Santa Fe Mall (basically one gigantic food court) is a little establishment with the bewitching name of “Steak Station”. Not only did the smidgen of English warm the cockles of my gringo heart, the word “Steak” set my tummy a-gurgling. Now, Colombians in general do more elaborate food court victuals than we do in the US, but this was really neat: An actual carne asada steak, cooked to order, with a side of baked baby potatoes and your choice of fresh juice (with actual metal utensils!) for less than $10.

If there was a Steak Station in CA, In-N-Out would never see a dime of my money again.

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