New App: Fightcard

I’m pleased to announce that Apple has approved my very first “real” iPhone application: Fightcard. This app implements a boxing scorecard (also suitable, I guess, for MMA on the 10-point-must system) that allows you to systematically and properly score a fight. With all the controversy this year (e.g. Cotto-Clottey and Malignaggi-Diaz), it’s a better time than ever to start scoring the fights yourself.

Fightcard permanently records your round-by-round scores for all fights. Rounds are scored on:

  • Clean, Effective Punching
  • Defense
  • Ring Generalship
  • Effective Aggression
  • Knockdowns
  • Point Deductions

Fightcard offers full support for all stoppage scenarios: KOs, TKOs, No Decisions, Technical Decisions, etc. You should buy a copy right now.

Approval Process

If you’re interested, here’s the summary of my submission/review/approval experience:

  • App submitted on 14 August
  • App approved on 27 August
  • This is longer than the average reported by 148 apps, but:
  • This was a 4+ app, and …
  • This was a 2.2.1 app …
  • Both of which might stretch out the review process
  • No back-and-forth; first submission was approved
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