Taken directly from my “procrastinator’s daily calendar” (you can get the 2011 version here):

July 17/18

It’s not a fun topic, but it is important that we look at some of the social/political problems that procrastinators face in this world on a daily basis. They are, more often than not, a marginalized people, an exploited people, a people treated unequally in almost every aspect of society. Procrastinators get turned down for jobs, often based solely on their philosophical choices. Procrastinators may find it more difficult to get into good schools, and end up paying unequal amounts of money for parking tickets (often at least double or triple what the average non-procrastinating citizens have to pay). In fact, this is so upsetting that we’re going to have to stop thinking about it for at least the next 24 hours. Take the rest of the day off; we’ll continue tomorrow.

July 19

Where were we? Ah, yes: procrastinators routinely pay more for airline tickets, have to sit in the back of the movie theater when it’s full, or even worse, the front row, causing severe neck cramps if they’re even willing to sell us tickets. Concert tickets are more expensive, and we are excluded from purchasing in the normal ticket purchasing areas, we often have to buy them from dangerous people. Our credit card experiences are more costly, we get lower grades in school for equal-quality work, and what’s with “First come, first serve?” How is that fair? We’re starting to get upset again. We’ll have to finish this up tomorrow.

July 20

So, right: there’s “First come, first serve,” a complete travesty, and then there’s first 200 customers in the door free. That’s not fair. If you said, “We’ll randomly select the first 200 white people,” you’d be vilified. And who is out there representing our positions? No one. And yet we pay taxes (often more) just like everyone else. Well, it’s time we take a stand. Definitely sometime in the future we should write to our congresspersons. Maybe sometime next week or the one after we should go down to city hall and make a complaint. Anyways, we should take a stand soon! And there will be plenty of time for that stand-taking in the days ahead.

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