Working Actors

I was watching “The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit” the other day (okay movie, desperately needs about 40m of cuts) and thought I recognized one of the actors by his voice. After a little searching, I found him on IMDB: Keenan Wynn is the man, and the role I knew him from was that of Col. “Bat” Guano in “Dr. Strangelove”.

The thing that struck me was how much work he did. He has 271 credits in IMDB as an actor (by way of comparison, his better-known co-star from “Dr. Strangelove”, James Earl Jones, has 171). He has 14 credits in the last two years of his life alone. The guy was a professional.

There’s no grand point to this; just a moment of respect for those guys who go steadily about their craft in show biz, without becoming celebrities.

By the way: William Shatner? 195 entries.

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