Public Speaking

This is taken from the Q&A portion of a David Horowitz appearance at UCSD. As an an example of public speaking, it’s pretty awesome. Have a look, and then click through (if you’re interested) for some editorial remarks.


I just love Horowitz’s delivery. He’s laid back, low key, discursive, until the 3:00 minute mark when he drops the question: FOR IT, OR AGAINST IT? That’s theater – a man in control of his medium.


This works because the girl (a.) won’t condemn Hamas, and (b.) says that she’s “for” a … fairly extreme position. I’m impressed that Horowitz would ask these questions, as more reasonable answers would have resulted in a less spectacular performance. I don’t know if he just had a really good read on his questioner, or if he had other “outs” in mind for other answers, but it still strikes me as a bold gambit.


Of course, Horowitz was blessed with a nowhere-near-as-clever-as-she-thought opponent. Why the girl didn’t give more reasonable answers, I don’t know: maybe out of her mind, maybe too much time in an extreme-left-wing, anti-Israel echo chamber. She’s since tried to walk it back. Maybe you will find her account convincing.

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