An Experiment

Editorial Note: I’m continuing the daily posting schedule into April, but I’m changing the format slightly; on weekdays, I will be posting updates on my new project (discussed below), while weekends will be devoted to more general musings.

I’m going to conduct an experiment, and I’m inviting you to follow along.

By way of background, please note that there are an awful lot of online Sudoku sites out there. I’m curious about what kind of traffic these sites draw, and how much (if any) money they can make. Sure, one way to find out would be to do some research, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, I’m going to devote this blog, during the month of April, to documenting my attempts to build a popular, puzzle-centered, website.


Sudoku is very popular, but its market also seems to be pretty mature. I don’t think that wading into it would be too interesting. However, as my dedicated readers are only too aware, there’s a big marketing push afoot for a significant variant of Sudoku, called KenKen. Since I’ve already done a bunch of work on that puzzle, it seems like a good idea to use that work as the germ of my project.

Today’s activities

My solver (or, at least, a post about it) already has a decent pagerank for “kenken solver“, but my puzzles are nowhere to be seen on the front page of results for any reasonable search terms. Therefore, I bought some $0.05 ads for KenKen-related keywords. Let’s see how those work out.

I also hooked Google Analytics into my KenKen pages.

Today’s Stats

27 Visitors
31 Visits
142 Pageviews
4.58 Pages/Visit
4:02 Avg. Time on Site

Follow Along

You can subscribe to my RSS feed, if you’d like to follow along with this month’s project.

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