KenKen Puzzles

I’ve spent a lot of time discussing the construction of a solver for KenKen puzzles. Most people, of course, prefer to play these puzzles. To that end, I present a collection of roughly 1000 KenKen-style puzzles, available here.


I’m not sure, but I think some of the larger (7×7 and 8×8) puzzles might be a little over-the-top. You’ll have to judge for yourself. Every puzzle is guaranteed to have a unique solution, however, which can be discovered with sufficient persistence. (There’s also a hint button, which can fill in cells for you.)

Legal Notes

“KenKen” is a registered trademark. The people behind the game clearly intend to create a Sudoku-like frenzy for these puzzles, thereby enhancing the value of their trademark, from which they aim to profit. I wish them all the luck in the world with that plan. For my part, I wish to make clear that I, my solver, and my puzzles are in no way associated with official KenKen-brand products. To the extent that I use the term “KenKen” as an adjective, it should be understood to mean “compatible with products or puzzles produced by the holder of the trademark name ‘KenKen’”.

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