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No Comment

Comment sections are a ripoff. If you want to go to the trouble of writing something worth reading, it doesn’t seem like a good deal to post it as a comment. It might be gratifying in the short run, but … Continue reading

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NSFetchedResultsController pitfall

I’ve previously written about how neat I find Core Data’s NSFetchedResultController (NSFRC). Today, however, I must offer (another) word of warning. The documentation states that, if you set an NSFRC’s delegate: [T]he controller registers to receive change notifications from its … Continue reading

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Two branding questions for you: If Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” was AAPL’s current OS, would the Tiger Woods frenzy have caused AAPL’s marketing dept. any problems? Why wasn’t Porsche’s 911 brand damaged by 9/11? I don’t know the answers, … Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor Day

I was recently reading Matthew Modine’s “Full Metal Jacket Diary“, and came across this quote: I’m so happy that Cari and I have been invited to travel here [East Berlin] and have the opportunity to meet communist soldiers. Except for … Continue reading

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Banner Removal

A reader writes: When I print out your puzzle (I like to do paper and pencil rather than keyboard) the top portion of the puzzle is obscured by your banner ad–not much use! I don’t have the time to test … Continue reading

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Date Helper

As a followup to my earlier post on a “helper” view controller that handled the editing of long text fields, today I present a utility class that handles the editing of date fields. I hope you find it interesting.

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A quick anecdote about technology. I’ve been visiting Stacks for lunch, on and off, for 13 years. Around the time of the dot-com boom/bust (c. 2000), I noticed that the waiters and waitresses had been issued PDAs, which they used … Continue reading

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