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Paraphrased from a movie: Girl (asking about other girl): “Is she pretty?” Guy: “Beauty is overrated.” Sometimes the only thing more problematic than being misunderstood is being understood all too well.

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Six Word Stories: Medal

The new “Titanium Medal” proved unpopular.

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Back Buttons

Today, a quick note about “back” buttons. The chevron-shaped button that appears by default in the left-hand position of a nav. bar can be a little problematic. In particular, the system-provided button doesn’t cross-fade properly with other buttons, and it … Continue reading

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It’s Paul Williams vs. Kermit Cintron at 154 this Saturday. I see this as an easy win for Williams, and for once the line agrees with me; he’s a -650 favorite. Checking the line got me to wondering about what … Continue reading

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Six Word Stories: Signing

Bob’s app signing drew no customers.

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Minesweeper (Part 9)

Today we finally submit our Minesweeper clone to AAPL for approval. Let’s see how that goes. In the meantime, you can download the latest source code here. Allow me to offer two words (well, “paragraphs”) of warning about the project’s … Continue reading

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Mayweather/Mosley Recap

Well, 1/12th of the fight I expected, and would have preferred to see. The second round was great: the rest, not so much. Floyd adapted, Mosley didn’t. I’d say the biggest difference between the actual fight and my expectation of … Continue reading

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Six Word Stories: Violence

Violence, it developed, did solve something.

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