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Story Time

Apropos of my KenKen puzzle solver, a user writes: I love this solver, but isn’t there a site where we can test our partial solutions and get a “correct” or “incorrect” verdict? That way we can keep going or start … Continue reading

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While reading “The Prince” I came across a passage that dramatically reshaped my understanding of the phrase “the end justifies the means”. The passage (from chapter eighteen) goes like this: [I]n the actions of men, and especially of princes, from … Continue reading

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I see that Manny Pacquiao is fighting another “welterweight” match at a catch weight (of 144). I think that this sort of thing is ridiculous; the weight classes are there for a reason, and if you’re too small to fight … Continue reading

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Robot Odyssey

Robot Odyssey is one of those early-to-mid-80’s computer games of which I am unreasonably fond. I’m not bringing it up to gush, however, but actually mention it because it’s a little annoying, albeit for an interesting reason. Most games of … Continue reading

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NSFetchedResultsController Warning

In what may well become a continuing series, I’ve got another word of warning for you about the otherwise astoundingly useful NSFetchedResultsController (NSFRC) class. It turns out to be highly inadvisable to delete an object that’s referenced in the NSPredicate … Continue reading

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Saul Alinsky

Since we’re within measurable distance of the end of “The Prince”, I’m casting about for the next subject for Book Club. I’m considering (among others) Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. Stopping off at WikiPedia, I found the following except from … Continue reading

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Now Available on Twitter

I’m experimenting with an automated re-tweet of this blog. If you’d like to view it as a series of context-free headlines and cryptic links, you can now follow @notobvious on Twitter.

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Web Design for the iPhone

AAPL provides a document that can be a great help to anyone who is trying to produce web content that will look good on the iPhone. Perhaps the most relevant part of this document is its discussion of the viewport, … Continue reading

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Code Review

I probably now spend more time reviewing my code than I do writing it. In some cases, maybe twice as much. I would love to stop doing that, because it’s not much fun, and a huge time sink. Unfortunately, every … Continue reading

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The ABUnknownPersonViewController class is a handy way to prompt users to find records in, or add records to, the iPhone address book from within your application. Unfortunately, it’s not the most intuitive thing to code for. Today, I present a … Continue reading

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